The Academy

A Creative Community of Rising Women Shaping the Future of the World

The Academy

A Creative Community of Rising Women Shaping the Future of the World


... a life-changing, ground-breaking experience. Kerry's guidance, her extensive knowledge and heart wisdom, helped me access & liberate all that was within me to become a Mentor/Coach and create Tribe Wellness and Fitness here in Lima Peru. The Academy has prepared me to dive into my capacity ... rooted in my natural leadership capacity, ready and able now creating and thriving in work that I love. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you ... from the bottom of my heart!

Stephanie Swail, Mentor/Coach
TRIBE Wellness and Fitness

Rising Women Leadership Training has forever changed my life in so many aspects. Kerry has created a safe and supportive learning environment in which I found my voice, learned to express it and felt thoroughly heard. From there I was coached to develop self awareness on the physical, feeling, thinking and spiritual levels. I am forever grateful for the Academy training that opened a path for me to live as my true, essential self. I am now living my dreams and aspirations coaching and mentoring women athletes and have developed and launched SAS a new program ... Sport Awakening Spirit ... for women.

Annette Jensen, Mindfulness Coach for Women Athletes
Founder, Sport Awakening Spirit

... a transformative process guided by Kerry and supported by your sisters-in-arms who you will love, learn and grow with. The academy programs not only reconnected me with who I am, but allowed me to transform all my relationships. I now confidently coach my clients, creating possibility and transformation in a powerful and potent way.

Amount the numerous gifts of The Academy - reconnection with my self - a long held desire to make a difference in the health of women resulted in Call to innovative approach to empower women suffering from chronic illness in their own self care.

So when people ask me if I would recommend this course, I reply: If you are ready to chase your dreams, shine your light and make a stand to support those to do the same, then this course is for you. Kerry Parsons and the Academy, you have changed my life on a multitude of levels, I will always remember this incredible gift you held out to me, and your infinite love and support. I love you with all my heart.

Jennifer Love, Osteopath, Mentor/Coach
Muna Osteopathy and Wellness, Melbourne Australia






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