The Academy

A Creative Community of Rising Women Shaping the Future of the World

The Academy

A Creative Community of Rising Women Shaping the Future of the World

Primetime for Women

Workshop and retreat November 17–19


From global events like The Women’s March and the #MeToo social media movement to a personal, grassroots stirring, women worldwide are feeling a shift.

Many of us feel an unnamed longing, a call to experience a way of life that expresses our deep desire to grow, evolve, and thrive in a world so often inhospitable to feminine experience.

Primetime for Women is an opportunity for you to explore this call, with the guidance and support of three experienced coaches. In the comfort of a small group session, you will examine the restlessness you feel, journey inward to hear your unique call, and acquire the tools to shape your response, your future, and your world.

We know how hard it is to take time for ourselves, but also how important this is.

This weekend workshop will give you the luxury of time, space, and community to access your true capacity and liberate your natural feminine power to create a meaningful, fulfilling life.

Through this foundational experience, workshop participants will also enjoy being part of the Academy community, with access to ongoing support and an evolving, collaborative learning field.

FRIDAY NOVEMBER 17   7:00pm–9:00pm

  • Opening to the power of your heart’s desire

  • Beginning the creative journey

SATURDAY NOVEMBER 18 (10:00am – 4:00pm)
SUNDAY NOVEMBER 19 (1:00pm – 4:00pm)

  • Navigating the creative path and clarifying what matters most to you 

  • Developing your self-care plan and choosing to embark on the path to manifestation

All materials, and lunch on Saturday, are included with your registration.

Kerry Parsons

Kerry is a life coach, teacher, author, and graduate nurse whose lifelong love of the promise of humanity fuels her desire to nurture innovative and creative applied-learning environments. Heart-toucher, soul-nurturer, and wise and compassionate mentor, Kerry has facilitated transformational workshops and programs serving over 7,000 men and women over her 30-year career. She is a recipient of the YWCA’s Women of Vision award and is a recognized and respected guide, social innovator, and leader.

Kerry is the founder of the Academy of Rising Women, an organization devoted to the education, liberation, and support of a potent, passionate, and powerful feminine movement.

Jane Warren

Jane is a leadership coach with Culture Counts, a certified mediator, and an experienced facilitator, author, and delighter in life. She believes strongly in the value of awareness, discovery and the conscious creation of relationship, and has created and facilitated a diverse selection of workshops for women, couples, and families. Jane brings insight and humor to her teaching, guiding people to understand themselves and others at a deeper level – all while having fun!

Annette Jensen

Annette is a certified essential life coach, professional athletic coach, and leader in guiding individuals through collaborative, co-creative experiences that enrich and expand lives. With her unique ability to see all the intricate parts involved in a collaboration creation and through her willingness to explore the third thing, Annette brings forth a safe, purpose-inspired, and playful creative environment.


Primetime for Women Workshop and Retreat (includes all materials, and lunch on Saturday): $300







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