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A Creative Community of Rising Women Shaping the Future of the World

The Academy

A Creative Community of Rising Women Shaping the Future of the World

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Rising Women Leadership Training

The Rising Women Leadership Training is a unique program led by Kerry Parsons, for women who want to courageously answer the deepest call of the soul ... to find their passion and follow their true path.

You are a woman who knows — perhaps has always known — that there is more to you, more to life; that sacred and secular are not separate; that spiritual well-being is essential to a healthy life; that potency trumps power and co-creation beats competition; that inspiration fuels motivation and passion IS purpose.

You are a unique woman, rising to your call to be authentically engaged in love and work that really matters to you. The new feminine leader knows that now is the time for her, for all women, to access, liberate and mobilize your true purpose ... to create a meaningful, contributing life.

Rising Women Leadership Training offers a unique combination of self-discovery and skill enhancement. Within the supportive, collaborative community of wise and compassionate women, this training offers new ways and means, practical, proven processes and the skills and tools for the Rising Woman Leader to excel in mentoring, coaching, and leading effective, col-laborative change processes.

Rising Women Leaders may expect to:



Rising Women Leadership Training is a collaborative, co-creative, peer-learning environment. A wide range of teaching methods and facilitated processes ensure that both group and individual learning opportunities are maximized and that a real sense of co-creation and belong-ing arises.

The Journey:

Rising Women Leadership Training is a nine-month journey commencing with a three-day intensive weekend retreat, students deepen their understanding of deep feminine values and envision a project, a program and/or a practice legitimizing their uniqueness and opening a clear pathway to expression.

Following the initiation weekend, a series of nine, four-week modules continue the learning journey, deepening the feminine way and integrating the methods, skills and tools leading to con-nected, collaborative and effective manifestation.


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